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If you or a loved one was diagnosed with uterine cancer after using a power morcellator, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer.  Call us today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or use our online contact form and a Macon Georgia Power Morcellator Cancer Lawyer will get back to you and answer your questions.  This is a free consultation, and there are no legal fees unless you receive money,

According to the FDA, 1 in 350 women who undergo a hysterectomy or uterine fibroid has an undetected form of uterine cancer.  When a power morcellator device is used, the cancer tissue can spread through the pelvis and abdomen.  The FDA has recommended that the medical community stop using these devices.  You may have a valid legal case, but you must act quickly before any time limit expires.  Please call us today.

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A hysterectomy is a surgical treatment employed to pull out the uterus, to deal with any one of several medical problems that damage a woman’s reproductive health. Moreover, hysterectomy is the typical term that describes the three basic surgical procedures for the removal of the uterus.

Vaginal hysterectomy - A surgeon removes the uterus via the vaginal canal. This kind of surgical procedure always is the approach boasting a minimal amount of health issues. When doable, this form of hysterectomy must be the 1st preference. Medical patients are likely to revisit their usual things to do faster and there are a lesser number of side effects, for instance, excessive bleeding.

Laparoscopy - When it comes to this particular type of hysterectomy, a compact tube is inserted by the woman’s abdominal wall via minuscule incisions. Next, the uterus can then be taken out in little parts. This technique is definitely more invasive in comparison to vaginal hysterectomy, but far from as invasive as the full abdominal method. As the medical expert uses a laparoscope to see the inside, various other surgical tools may be used to remove the uterus through the other half-inch incisions.

Abdominal hysterectomy - Without a doubt, this is the most invasive approach, but can be critical once there are extensive lesions and if the uterus is far too sizeable. The larger in size incision also can provide operating experts with a better opportunity to examine the pelvic area, and strip off pretty much all necessary tissues. The healing period inside the medical facility is routinely two to five days, afterwards its several weeks of restrained activity at home. Health issues with respect to this type of surgical process are more extensive, which includes bleeding, infection right at the surgical site, and nerve or tissue injuries.

Hysterectomies can be defined as treatment protocols for women who may be enduring a range of symptoms or conditions. Examples of these conditions include:
• Fibroid (benign) growth
• Uterine prolapse
• Uterine malignancy
• Endometriosis
• Increased bleeding and distress unregulated by medications and other treatment options

If or when the uterus is extracted, in conjunction with the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the hormonal effect is extensive on the lady. Ladies who have yet to experience menopause but subsequently have this major hysterectomy are instantly inundated by menopausal symptoms. Many of these symptoms can be very troublesome and problematic to manage without having hormone treatment. Patients must also be notified regarding their escalated vulnerability for bone weakening, and take into account preventative treatment options for osteoporosis. 

Right after a hysterectomy patients really should work together with their medical experts for pain management, together with to form a routine for returning to daily life rituals. Post-operative care also implies that recovering women may need to use sanitary pads for several weeks mainly because there will unavoidably be bloody vaginal discharge. Ladies really should try to steer clear of making love, douching, and using tampons. 

Ladies that undertake a hysterectomy to combat uterine cancer have to follow up with their medical care group. From time to time the hysterectomy is implemented in combination with chemo and radiotherapy.

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